Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2nd Gig Book Storywriting Contest Semifinalists

As announced earlier, we will identify 35 to 75 semifinalists of the 2nd Gig Book Storywriting Contest. Here is the final and complete list of 65 semifinalists arranged alphabetically by title. The final judging will select 10 winning stories which will be announced on or before 2012 March 31.

A Homecoming Plan For Papa
-----by Ma Cecilia C. de la Rosa
A Lesson From Grandma
----- by Gay Marie M. Francisco
A Promise To Remain Nice
----- by Jon Espera Royeca
A Talk With Dad
----- by Jon Espera Royeca
A Tiny Spark Of Hope
----- by Manuel Sebastian B. de la Cruz
A Tiny Wounded Heart
----- by Jennylyn Salazar Isherwood
A Wish To The Moon And The Gentle Wind Dragons
-----by Raymund Magno Garlítos
----- by Carmen Rosario D. Pérez
Anchor And The Sea
----- by Hernani P. Geronimo
Ate Ela: My Sister, Mother and Father
----- by Minerva Generalao
Badong And His Binoculars
----- by Leilanee Pilar M. Gabriel
Big Slippers
----- by Gay Marie M. Francisco
Concepcion's Last Voyage
----- by Al Ponciano R. Datu
----- by Carmen Rosario D. Pérez
Dad's Gifts To Me, Aileen
----- by Georgina C. Solina
Dominic's Little Story Of Love And Forgiveness
-----by Jennylyn Salazar Isherwood
Enzo's Change of Heart
----- by Rebecca S. Gerodias
Hello, Tatay! by Genaro
----- R. Gojo Cruz
Hmmphh! Says Estong
----- by Raechelle Castellon
----- by Anna Cristina Llanera-Reyes
I'm Rescuing Santa Claus
----- by Christian Q. Salta
Ishmael And The Ocean
----- by Franklin P. Andaya
Junior's Diary
----- by Carlo Baltazar Ventura
Just Like The Hornbill
----- by Katrina C. Vinluan
Lengleng And The Doll House
----- by Premy Ann G. Beloy
----- by John Thomas P. Miranda
Lily's Butterfly
----- by Eric Goden Lomocso
Little Jimmy's Monthly Journal
----- by Jennylyn Salazar Isherwood
Mac Tan
----- by Carmen Rosario D. Pérez
Magic Box
----- by Liwliwa N. Malabed
Magic Rubber Shoes
----- by Mary Gigi Constantino
Man Of The Family
----- by Alpha Luz Napatang
Manuel's Name
----- by Michaela Sarah G. Deleon
My Dad And I Travel The World
----- by Francesca Cielo M. Ravanes
My Dad Cooks On The Sea
----- by Rhodora Householder
My Invisible Dad
----- by Perry C. Mangilaya
My Precious Man
----- by Florlynn L. Bassi
My Super Father
----- by Shur C. Mangilaya
Nesto's New Home
----- by Kathleen Aton-Osias
Papa And The Pirates
----- by Franklin P. Andaya
Papa And The Pirates
----- by Romeo A. Solina
Papa's Treasure
----- by Georgianna Reyes de Vera
Pido's Dream
----- by Eunice M. Chan
Pirate No Beard
----- by Georgianna Reyes de Vera
Postcards To Papa
----- by Raissa Claire R. Falgui
Postscript For Pio
----- by Mia Ayroso Buenaventura
Rock Star
----- by Gay Marie M. Francisco
Sailor Moon And The Jeepney
----- by Ruffa J. Sebuc
----- by Ira Chloemn B. Daylo
Sonny Boy And The Sun
----- by Jose Dennis C. Teodosio
Sula, The Sailor's Child
----- by Catherine Rose G. Torres
The Captain's Lost Son
----- by Eric Goden Lomocso
The Mermaid Sister
----- by Celestine Marie Gaspar Trinidad
The Sea Prince
----- by Nina Sheryll V. Palad
The Seafarer's Glasshouse
----- by Heidi Emily Eusebio-Abad
The Sirens of Sarah
----- by Emerson F. Bengco
The Story Of Billy The Bully And Mic The Meek
-----by Adrian John O. Ladaga
The Stranger At My Door
----- by Gail Christiane Te
The Woman In Daddy's Wallet
----- by Fernando R. Gonzalez
We Grew Up Without A Father
----- by Ariel Gaspi
What's Inside A Turtle's Shell?
----- by Raymond G. Falgui
When Papa Went Away
----- by Irma Arcega Celis
When Would Papa Arrive
----- by Jose Ma. Marko O. Sevilla
When You Are Away
----- by Bella Charina Alexandra D. Mercado
Will Papa’s Red Truck Ever Come Back?
-----by Weneven Nierra Caberte

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